February 18, 2005

VISA why VISA???

As I preparing myself to go to USA. I realise one thing that really struck me. There is a very strict process of US immigration in order to allow a foreigners to enter into their soils. You need to go through VISA Application which very troublesome. I found out later that there is certain nationality that they don't need visa. Cuz' there countries are under Visa Waiver-Program That's also including Singaporean. That's struck me. You means if you are from some least famous country, you will be having a hard time going into US? Why? That's so unfair!! In God's eyes, every people from every nations are all the same. They are most precious and priceless. Oh well...that's sound ridiculous for me though....but that make me realize one thing....."We are not of this world." What Jesus said is so true....You cannot find what is fair in this world indeed, only in Christ alone that you may found love and justice.....I rather be with you Lord JESUS!!!!

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