March 07, 2005

Loving God in time of suffering

Today really a great day for me personally...I went to depressions for few days cuz' of my trouble with an air fare. I spent most of the time worshipping God, pray and ask for His mercy fall on me. I totally desperate. Then today God touched me! Through the testimony of one couple that came over to our base worship. The guy, he was deeply suffered with his illness for 27 years! Recently his kidney was failed and then later on come to his heart! well....but throughout this whole package of suffering....He never blame God, instead God Himself actually keep on telling him how much He loves and cares for him. Indeed his life was meant to give God ultimate glory. Recently he was completely heal by God's grace that show him the way. Finally his operation was totally brought healing to him. Now he can live as usual as others lives. God is so good to him. The most incredible lesson that I learn probably this guy's heart of worship. To worship the Lord in time of hardship never easy. But as he faithfully trust the Lord and worship God Almighty. Many people were touch by his spirit and that's including me as well. Of course what I am up to right now it couldn't compare to what he went through. I'm very encouraged. Lord forgive me for my disbelief. Teach me to endures and hang on to You promise. Lord you are good and faithful. You will never leave me nor forsake me. I knew for sure. Thank you Lord. May me life be a living sacrifice to You. May Your name be glorify through me!! Hallelujah!

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