March 31, 2005

Digital Divide

This is IE-Conference personal hope u guys can understand it! Have fun! :)

1st Session

The Digital Divide –Rev. David Bruce

The divide between the rich and the poor.

Most immediate answer:
-Government Cooperation
-Cell phoneTechnology

We are living during a time of Unpresedented Church Growth
Mostly on native base mission

We need to speak in the language of the listener not of the speaker.

In the day of Pentecost the disciples speak in the different languages that’s not their own language. Proclaiming the Gospel by the power of holy spirit.

In un-develop nations, they’re far to access with technology.

99% of Christian websites target on the believers.

The church is only group of people whom commissioned by God to bring gospel to ALL PEOPLE…We suppose to be a most powerful group of people in the world!

Is the church speaking the language that the next generations are speaking?

Reason for the 1% problem
-“Death Wish”?

Resolving the 1% problem
-Return to the mandate of Mat. 28:19
-Model God’s love for the world – Jn. 3:16
-Build on the our best traditions (Luther, Wesley, Graham)
-Fresh Vision – Collaboration and sharing

Relationship is the most powerful thing that people seeking for

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