January 29, 2006

Lunar New Year....boring...

Normally, when I was in Thailand...Lunar New Year never has any significant to me....though my family are Chinese...but after my dad passed, we never celebrate new year since then...but then here in Singapore....this is 3 rd Lunar New Year in S'pore for me. It still quite boring...cuz' all the Chinese stalls will close....no Chinese food to eat....no friend to habg out with since they will gather in their family for reunion dinner on new year eve.

Though over all this Lunar new year quite boring to me, but it make room for me to spend time with the Lord...read the Bible, listen to some of the sermons that I saved it in my laptop for so long never get to listen hehe :P so it was pretty good after all....also this year, I have some funny feeling that....that....eh....ah.... The beginning of new season of my life has begun....I don't know how to explain that and I don't think I'm ready to explain it anyway...so I shall remain "speechless"

Gong Xi Fa Cai! (Wish You a Prosperity!)

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