January 18, 2006

Save The Wheel???

Like the wheel Truth never changes!!

This is really cool campaign....saving the wheel?? At first I really wondering what it's all about..esp...My favourite dude...Josh Harris come and posting on the picture for this saving the wheel thing...I was very curious haha....but now as The New Attitude conference has resume...and yeah..this is just a creative and humorous way of presenting the truth to our generation....

Forget Reinvention but back to the Humble Orthodoxy!

The wheel represents the Truth of the Gospel. It doesn't need to be reinvent!!....The truth will always remain true....So as a christian, the follower of the Truth (Jesus)..we need to stand on our ground and fight for the Truth!!.. Let's save the wheel today....no compromise....there are so much wheels that need to be saved today before it would be transformed.....then it would not be any good use.....

More about Na chk out their web Newattitude.org , Savethewheel.com

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