April 17, 2006

Lesson from "Eight Below"

"You will take a risk for something you care about!"

It has been a long while since I blog some Movie review, It doesn't mean that I have not been watching a movie though, in fact lots of movies that I went to watch in the past few month. Anyway "Eight Below" is one of the recent one that touched my heart very much. It wasn't just because it's about this Siberian Huskie dogs (though they're very cute!!! =]) But I think the story really inspiring. Based on the true story about U.S. Antarctica Explorer team that have to moved out from the station because of heavy snow storm and they have to left 8 faithful hard-working dogs behind. The whole pursuit of Jerry Shepherd the owner of the dogs to try everything to go and get them back home is really interesting and challenging. More than that it took about 6 months until he got back to Antarctica to pick those dogs back home. By that time 2 dogs had died and 1 badly injured. I think the quote above that Jerry said in the show touched me. Indeed We will do everything even if we have to take a risky path to do something for someone we care about.

In the same way, Christ Himself has taken every risk to pursuing us. It costs His life to bring us back to have a relationship with God once again. How much He loves us? No doubt....VERY much.

If the story of one man who cares so much about his dogs could inspiring the world and make a great story, how much more the story of one man who cares about all mankind to be saved can make far better impact to each individual lives on earth. Brothers and Sisters, we got a GREATEST story to tell the world!!!

"Tell the world that Jesus Lives!! tell the world that He died for me!! tell the world that...tell the world that!!

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