April 16, 2006

Resurrection Sunday!

Yeah....today is the day that Christian worldwide are celebrating the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. I happened to visited one of the Anglican church this morning as part of my work to promoting Go Fest. The pastor kept insisting the congregation that today isn't an Easter Sunday but it is a Resurrection Sunday. It quite true...Today it suppose to be the day we look up to the Cross for what Jesus has done for us and rejoice as we discovered that He no longer in the tomb. It is empty tomb! The Lord has been resurrected!! Jesus is Alive!!! That's the message of this day that we celebrate!!! Jesus had bore all our sins and He redeemed us back to Him. He declared His voctory over sin and death and given us hope and life to live for Him!! That's what today is all about! (Execuse me Easter bunnies & Easter eggs...)

Well....again my point is not to accuse those who use the term Easter Sunday...It really doesn't matter what you call it. But what you do with it that's matter. Are you still living in the old life that find no light and hope? Jesus alone can give you such hope and life you only can imagine. The death on the cross is meant not just for you and I but for ALL mankind... It would be too cheap if Jesus died just for me. It's really not that cheap...He paid the costly price so that ALL men will come to experience the freedom in Him. So as to speak to fellow believers...Let's go out there and tell the world that Jesus Lives!!! Share with them...and bring them to light!! Don't let the death of Christ too cheap than what it meant to be..

Have a blessed RESURRECTION DAY!

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