February 14, 2010

To Haiti with love >>>Part 4

Bonjour. From Haiti.

It has been amazing time witnessing what God is doing in this great nation of Haiti. I'm truly honoured and excited to be here experiencing God first hand. I'm so proud to be representing Asian here in this community and serving my Haitian brothers and sisters.

This weekends have been the days that the entire nation of Haiti call on national day of prayer and fasting with focusing on repentance. This is really never happened before as the whole nation come together worshipping God and pray like ever before. You see, this nation has been under Voodooism for the last 200 years. Now the tide has turned. God's mighty wave has come indeed.

It's interesting though that Haiti was actually the 1st place that Christopher Columbus landed when he discovered America. So it is rightful to say that Haiti once was the gateway for the gospel to America! That's her destiny. And now the Haitians are redeeming that once again.

I'm so excited to be here. Nowhere else I rather be at this time.

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Ella said...

Wow! So you are doing a volunteer work in Haiti? I want too! :( Haiti is a beautiful country even before the earthquake. I think the Haitians are even more beautiful. :) Love to be there too to help them. Please say I care for them and they're in my prayers. ;)