February 27, 2010

To Haiti with love >>>Part 5 + Chiang Mai update Feb 2010

Haiti on His Heart!

So I came back from Haiti. Ton of stories to tell. Thanks to Steve, he has set up a blog that posted all the email report we have been doing while we were there. So those of you who are interested to read a story of God in Haiti in which we had witnessed. Please visit www.haitionhisheart.blogspot.com

The passing of my mom.

So while I was in Haiti, I received an email from my brother informing me that my mom has just passed away. So right after my trip. I came home just to be with my family. For me personally I'm quite prepared. Since my mom has been sick for the last few years. Her condition with Anemia getting on and off. She has been to the hospital couple of times. So may the Lord has mercy on her. Your prayer for my family would be greatly appreciated.

BCW + CRIT + Storyteller 2010

I will be in Chiang Mai for the next month as we host CRIT 2010. CRIT is an annual gathering of people in YWAM Communication worldwide. We meet every year to discuss and brainstorming on how we could further improve our communication within YWAM International as well as to the body of Christ out there. This time it held in my town. So I'm excited to see what God is doing in Asia and hopefully we will be able to multiply and equipping many more communicators within Asia region.

We are engaged!

Many of you who do keep intouch with us on Facebook would have known that we're engaged! It was just another evening of going out together as usual on the 20th January. As we had dinner together, I decided to pop and question to her as well as presenting a ring. And of course, the rest is history. So thank you for all your congratulations and all the well wishes. We do cherish that greatly. We are loved =) Keep watch out for the date of our big day, as we still try to sort some logistic out! We have never done this before...so we sure need your help! Pray for us!!

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