August 04, 2004

Dead o/r Alive

Recently I just recieved very very bad news about one of my friend. He just passed away. I have no idea how all this thing happen. He's a very great guy. Though our freindship is really short time but it's something more than just a time frame that we spent together that bonded us. He's Indian national. First time I met him, he was an ex-drug addict, hopeless soul who try to find the Father's first love. Somehow he came over to Singapore to do DTS again and it happened to be in the school that I'm staffing. Through period of 5 months...isn't that long??? I saw God really do something new in his life. until the graduation day i just realize.....he's totally different from the first moment I picked him up @ the airport. His face is so bright shining with the Father's glory. He look so great and richly in physical, emotional and spiritual. Since I sent him off back to his home....I only heard from him once that he enjoy his new life back home and going for full time ministry.....but somehow......things just change.... i have no word...when i recieved the news about his departure. no tears come out from my eyes...i don't know why? One thing i feel is that....somehow I will meet him again..That's hope I have for now. Sleep in peace bro...til we see each other once again....

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