August 05, 2004

Rain Down on Me!!

Blessing of the Lord sometimes so funny....or may be should call it exciting Ya...that's the right word. I am suppose to leave for China in few days.....and I need some money to top up my budget for the trip....As myself and others pray.....God release the money...The overflowing of God's blessing.....of course blessed to bless! The funny thing is....God always make me excited when I'm waiting for Him to save me in each time that I really need Him. being a full timer rely on God's provisions daily doesn't easy. But one thing I know....I'm still survive! til this day....That's must be a miracle! This is how He being Jehovah-Jireh, God is the provider. He really is...mannn... if i'm about to tell u abt my story after story how God provide for me. It's going to be 3 days 3 nights never finish yet...I tell you. So what is my point?? ok! The conclusion is this...that as we trust in the Lord, He will rain down the drop of blessing upon you! (like heavy rain) Now in Singapore raining is very usual thing hopefully one day when u walk in the rain (esp..heavy rain and can't find shelter) you will remember God's blessings on me are just like rain. PlanetShakers Band sing "Rain down on me Rain down on Me....." I Amen for that!! how about u..??

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