May 04, 2005

Creative Commons

I think i should share my thoughts on this.....Copyright..

It has been long long time since big Giant like Microsofts take over the world by get hold of all Computer OS market share. Even today they have more competitive like those openSources, Mac, etc....I stil got a big question mark in my face....How it's gonna go next? I do respect Copyright...let me make it clear on's your idea, your invention...I totally impress and honor you. But if the purpose of invent all these are meant for people to use..Why not make it cheaper? So more people could effort it. This truth apply to all sought of media today..Computer OS and software license are really expensive...Download MP3 still not too bad..Heiz...I hope you guys not just think of earning money as much as you can ya? i hope... If you would be more kind....I'm really sure that piracy issue will no longer exist.

I totally love the idea of Creative Commons License
I believe this is what it meant to be at the beginning...especially most of the artists out there who produce some good stuffs...they all want to publish it to let the world know that this is my artpiece...I'm good...and Internet is the best medium for them to carry their work out there to the consumers. So i totally love the CC concept...If you have no idea wht it's all chk the URL up there... you'll love it... :)

Let's talks about Christian circle...Let me share this with you.

I'm working on VDO project right now, so i plan to find some good and inspired song to put together in my visual. So I chose "Send my healing to the Nations" by Bob Fitts ..I wrote an email to him asking whether do i need to have any specific guidance of how to use it under copyrights law. He immediately wrote back to me..very impressed :)

Dear Brother,

God's blessings on you and your efforts to honor Jesus around the world. I am grateful that you want to use the song......go for it! No need for permission unless you are using it for personal financial gain. May God's favor be on you and your ministry.

In His Mercy,

Bob Fitts

How nice?? This is what I mean...For us as a christian...Whatever we do, create, etc... We do it to glorify Jesus...If I'm about to produce the worship album I will give the score and chords away, so people can learn how to sing and play it in their own congregation... I would love to hear my song sing aloud in all over the face of this world to lift Jesus name mann... You may ask how u gonna earn money out of that...u probably bankrupt if you do like that....well, I believe people out there know how to appreciate thanks by love gifts or whatever else..and of course cutting a CD always has a cost...You want to get the CD, you buy it...(Reasonable price)

I do love Paul Baloche, i could find lots of song sheet from his website...that's what i mean...

This is my heart to see Jesus be glorify...Don't let the world system blinded us from what the media meant to be at the beginning...Redeem it in Jesus Name!!

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