May 07, 2005

Church is not a Club House!

This thing was burdened in my heart quite some times...It's quite iritating when I went to Church service, try to worship the Lord as usual, Listening to what the Lord is going to say through the preacher...but then...the noises of people surrounded me chit-chatting to one another like there was nobody stand up there at the pulpit. Some just sit down there and play with the games on cellphone. Umm.....Young people it usual??? The preacher is that boring?? I thought.. I have try to observed quite a while. Even different preachers coming in to speak...The same response still always there with certain group of people. Same old people who never try to imporve their behavior at all..sigh...Lord, how I gonna deal with this kind of undiscipline kids?? Church is not social gathering place alright? It's not a place for you to come for the sake of meeting friends, chitchat, have some snacks and go! ....If that what church meant for you...It make no different with Club House. People go to Club House, find drinks..find gals or guys to talk or meeting with friend...when they got drunk enough then go!....Is that how you treated the Church of Jesus Christ?? Heiz....Lord have mercy...

Church was meant to be a gathering of the body that come in unity to glorify God. To give and to recieve, To love and encourage, both physically/emotionally and spiritually. I believe when 2-3 gather in His name, the spirit of the Lord is with them. How dare you grief the Holy Spirit? We suppose to come to church with great expectation of what God is going to do in your life, as you come before Him at the Throne and lift His name on high together with fellow disciples.

Let me ask you breathens. Repent!!! I beg you to change your sick attitude and repent! Come back to God and say...Lord, I'm hungry...I want more of You. Speak to me, show me how real you are....ASK AND YOU SHALL RECIEVE!! You wanna reach the whole world? Start allow God to reached yourself 1st! Seriously...How can you make God known if you don't know God first??
May be you guys need to do DTS (sigh)

(I hope this is considered speaking Truth in Love)
AMEN...end of the sermon for today... :)

note: this church service doesn't refer to the church that I am attending regularly alone. It just my experience with different Youth Service that I went to. it just too much,can't contain it anymore. I have to burst it out somewhere....(poor blogger) So i throw it up here...

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