May 05, 2005

My thoughts on 1 John 1

1 John 1 (NKJV)

John describe whom Jesus is as human that the believers in the early church had experienced as well as the living word of God…the Word of life.Imagine if I happen to be one of the disciple that seen Jesus live among us and witness his power and the reality of whom Jesus is as a son of God, a Messiah who came and saved the world….of course….my joy will be totally full like what John said…But it’s a reminder that John wrote here. Which means that the disciples may have a tendency to forget what they were experience…so it’s apply to us…I don’t see Jesus in human…but by Faith I know him as a person. So there is a warning that we need to pressing on in love relationship with Jesus. If not, we may forget….

God is light…whoever live in Him will have to be a light as well…You can’t being a shadow in the light.. there is no darkness in the light…Good news (7) The blood of Jesus Christ has cleanses us from all sin.Back to the basic of our faith…we need to recognize how sinful we are in the past….If not, The redemption story means nothing…Fake? You are accusing God as a Big time liar?? So we must must understand this….and give thanks to God that He sent Jesus to died for our sin….V.9 says If we confess….he is Faithful and just to forgive our sins and cleanse us from ALL unrighteousness….what a good news….but it start when WE CONFESS Application for me should be living in the life that always remember the grace of God that he saved me from all unrighteousness of the world to be call a righteous one…the child of God…and really live the life that shine for him indeed….I suppose to be the light….so Shine on!!

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