April 19, 2005

The Battle of Mind

This morning I have to get up early for prayer meeting, the meeting was at 8.15AM guess what? I awake since 7AM but by the time I got up form my bed was actualy 8AM!! Let me explain what happen during that period of 1 hour. In my mind got a tiny battle going on between whether should I got up or not...it was like so many pictures kind of vision/dream that passing my mind convince me not to get up....and then the still small voice said...you better get up..it's the time!....Can u imagine if that happen to you every morning..?? Yes...that's what happen to me. (sigh) Well....I'm by nature a very night person. But yet I need lots of time to sleep. (Weird right?) Well...haha just want to share this with you. If u r those who struggle this kind of thing...may be we should talk hehe...try to find the way out to resolve this stupid struggle... :P

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