April 23, 2005

Impossible Is Nothing

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Hehe...I'm not really an Adidas big fan....(but Nike i do) but the latest Ad campaign of the 3 stripes very interesting... Impossible Is Nothing.....in another way of saying....All Things Are Possible with God!!

Tonight I went to church service....then we talking about prayer. So I end up praying fervently for those surrounded me who has yet to know Christ. Especially my family back in Thailand. It has been quite sometime that I didn't pray for their Salvations...The Lord stired in my heart once again tonight to pray and intercede for my family members with wholeheartedly and with fully confidence that it is possible with God. He can do it...!!! Amen!! Then after church I walked to the bus stop. I saw my bus No. 100 already left from the terminal. it will take me to run across the MRT underground station to the other side of the road, where the next bus stop is locate. Whild I still praying as i walk to catch the bus...as I see the my bus pass by, my 1st thaught was oh gosh....!! I gonna wait for another bus quite a big while.....suddenly another voice came in....Impossible Is Nothing!! So I immediately start running down to MRT station across to the other side of the road to the next bus stop before the bus is leaving....YES!!!! I did it....I got the bus home on time....Phew...!! Impossible is Nothing, I thought as I panting on the bus...yes....If I continue to pray for Salvation of my family...it will be done!! AMEN!!! :)

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