April 25, 2005

One click can change the world!

The aquaplastics website has successfully reached 1.5 million clicks before its deadline of 22 June 2005! This means that a total of 150,000 euro will be donated to WaterAid by the European plastics industry to help deliver clean, safe water and sanitation to people in Ethiopia. Since the target has been reached 60 days early, the European plastics industry has agreed to donate an additional 50,000 euro if another half a million clicks are reached by 22 June 2005. Please help us to reach our new target by clicking here once a day - it only takes seconds and it doesn't cost you anything! Thank you.

Just one click can change the lives of people in Ethiopia..Would u?

Click this link to help Water Aid project in Ethiopia

1 comment:

Tee Suwit L. said...

Hooray....They already got it...!!! Praise God!!