April 11, 2005

Success or Significant?

Today one guy from Australia (He's actually English but married American and now reside in Australia!) He share with us in our Staff mtg. Which is very interesting. He asked us what we want to see in our ministry? Do you want to see the success in your ministry? or do you want to see the significant of your ministry? I think and think and think again...Why I never realize that these two are different..You may have a successful ministry but doesn't make any significant at all. Instead I considered Jesus, His ministry on Earth 3 years for many people it could be consider FAILED MISSION! He worked so hard, travel around to proclaimed the Kingdom of God. But the result that came out, he only have 12 disciples. (In fact one of them betrayed Him then later on when He was arrested, none of them actually stand up and protected Him) anf finally, He died on the cross which considered the worse way to died in that period. It seem like His ministry was totally failure. Not successful at all...BUT BUT!!! He left the significant in His ministry...an evidence still remain til today...Who is the most famous person in the world today if it's not Jesus Christ. What book is the best seller at all time if it's not the Bible. His death on the cross significant enough that people use it as the mark of history (BC. & AD.) Now....if I ask myself, what I want to se in my own ministry...I would say...I want to see my ministry play a significant role to establish the Kingdom of God here on Earth...I believe in can be done....Thank you Jesus for such revelation! :)

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