April 14, 2005

Walk with GOD

Past 4 nights has been a great time of recovering my spiritual walk with the Lord. As Tamara Winslow, one of my best speaker ever came to speak in S'pore once again. God use her to minister to me again. Most of the thing that capture my heart is what it mean to Walk with God. Not many people in the Bible that was told that they walk with God. Abraham, Enoch, Noah, Moses. These guys are awesome as you all know. I just thinking, am I able to say that I have walk with God. When I leave this world, do other people will say about me that " Tee has walked with God and now he's with Him in Heaven" I wondering if my relationship with God in past year has fell short. But again...it's a Journey...Walking with God is an on-going process. it requires...

- Dedicated Discipline
- Rest in Him
- Stuck with Jesus like glue! (I like this one)
- Walk in humility

Hmmm..... I realize I got a lot of things to work on to really resurrecting my reationship with God...Oh O....don't be discourage....it's not about what you do but it's about God's mercy indeed. Even though I felt that I have fell short from my relationship with Him in some sense..but the truth is that He never fall short to have a relationship with me and have mercy on me. Thanks Jesus that He indeed Faitrhful no matter what I am....Let this song be my prayer today oh God...

You Are Faithful

You are Faithful
I believe Your word is true
You have never left Your children begging
You are Faithful
And my heart ascends to You
As we lift our voice to praise Your name

And I love You
No matter what I see
No matter what I hear
No matter what may seem to be
Lord I love You
No matter what I know
No matter how the winds of life may blow
This one thing I know
This one thing I know
That You are Faithful



Anonymous said...

may i know who is the singer for this song .. i love this song but can't seem to find it in the net anywhere.

Tee Suwit L. said...

It's Tamara's song.It has never been recorded. Tht's why u can't find it. =)

Edmond said...

Not true! Amazon has a copy. http://www.amazon.com/You-Are-Faithful-Great-Medley/dp/B005BLNVUY

Tee Suwit L. said...

Thank you! for letting me know. Well, if u noticed this post has been since 2005. So it is outdated. Tamara's album just came out in 2011. So yes, now it's available!! =) Be blessed.